1. Adept Approach
    Adept Approach
  2. Glint Of Steel
    Glint Of Steel
  3. Little Legend
    Little Legend
  4. Conkies Lad
    Conkies Lad
  5. Letskeepit Simple
    Letskeepit Simple
  6. Margot Fontane
    Margot Fontane
  7. Crazy Eyes
    Crazy Eyes
  8. Indian Chance
    Indian Chance
  9. Florella
  10. See You Jack
    See You Jack
  11. Generous Ransom
    Generous Ransom
  12. Wor Rom
    Wor Rom
RESULTS13.30 Hunt Members
1. LITTLE LEGEND Charlie Marshall (Cynthia Woods)
2. STARS ROYALE Phil York (Cynthia Woods)
3. FIZZLESTIX Shane Roche (Petra New)
4. SEVENTH HUSSAR Ella Gillings (Andrew Coveney)
5. TRY CATCH ME Tabitha Worsley (Wendy Good)
U. LUCKY PRINCE Miss C. Baker (Lucy Khan)
R. COUNTING HOUSE Miss E. Vaughan (Richard Gurney)

Distances: 1/2l, 2l, 25l, 3l
Time: 6mins 51s
Winning Owner: Cynthia Woods & Michael Haydon

14.05 Club Members Conditions
1. WITHER OR NOT Dale Peters (Dale Peters)
2. BRUNSWICK GOLD Stuart Robinson (Stuart Robinson)
3. ROCKY ISLAND Shane Roche (Linda Pile)
4. ORFEO CONTI Quentin Wedmore (Rose Grissell)
5. BRIANS WELL Joe Hill (Alan Hill)
P. HEAD SPIN Miss A. Bramwell (Jessica Bramwell)
P. ROAD TO FREEDOM Rupert Stearn (Simon Stearn)
U. IHEARDU Paul Blagg (Paul Blagg)

Distances: 1/2l, 1/2l, 15l, 4l
Time: 6mins 40s
Winning Owner: Mr D. Peters

14.40 Ladies Open
1. GOODNIGHT VIENNA Tabitha Worsley (Lynn Redman)
2. CRACK OF THUNDER Gina Andrews (Rose Grissell)
3. GOLDEN MILAN Lucy Wheeler (Dale Peters)
4. CURRENT EXCHANGE Carrie Tucker (Francesca Nimmo)
5. GOLDEN CRISP Izzie Marshall (Tim Underwood)
6. BAVARD COURT Louise Allan (Edward Turner)
7. ATLANTIC ROLLER Caroline Dennis (Caroline Dennis)
8. BOUGGIETOPIECES Miss R. Leyshon (Andrew Leyshon)
U. REPENDER Miss T. Rait-Rattray (Julia Rait-Rattray)

Distances: 1/2l, 1/2l, 1l, 5l, 4l, 10l, 1l
Time: 6mins 36s
Winning Owner: The Back Of The Car Club (Mr M. Redman)

15.15 Mens Open
1. CONKIES LAD Charlie Marshall (Charlotte Marshall)
2. CURRAGHBLOWER Rupert Stearn (Edward Turner)
3. THE ADMIRAL BENBOW Steve Spice (Brenda Ansell)
P. TIME IS TICKIN Ollie Binks (Rose Grissell)

Distances: 20l, 6l
Time: 6mins 42s
Winning Owner: The Glebe House Racing Club (Mr F. Marshall)

15.50 Intermediate
1. CARRY ON ASIAN Tabitha Worsley (Francesca Nimmo)
2. CHELTENHAM MATI Phil York (Tim Underwood)
3. QUICK OATS Gina Andrews (Nigel Padfield)
4. DIDO Dale Peters (Dale Peters)
5. COOLADERRY KING James Rawdon-Mogg (Rose Grissell)
6. DAIDAIDAI Wayne Russell (Wayne Russell)
P. LETSKEEPIT SIMPLE Charlie Marshall (Ian Cobb)
P. RISE TO IT Will Hickman (Karen Hobbs)

Distances: 2l, 6l, 2l, 3l, 10l
Time: 6mins 38s
Winning Owners: Carrie Tucker

16.25 Open Maiden
1. POYNTZPASS Evan David (Andrew Pennock)
2. ERNEST DEFARGE Miss T. Rait-Rattray (Julia Rait-Rattray)
P. RAINBOW STRIPES Charlie Marshall (Ian Cobb)
P. HARRYTUR Tabitha Worsley (Georgina Howell)
P. SIR REECER Chris Pendry (Catriona Kerruish)
P. CANYOUHEARMENOW Oz Wedmore (Rose Grissell)
F. THE REAL SCORPION Pete Bull (Pete Bull)
U. LADY KAY B. Paris-Croft (Jason Blackwood)
U. HAPPY CHANCE Sam Davies-Thomas (Nick Pearce)

Distances: runin
Time: 6mins 45s
Winning Owner: The Two Farmers and a Butcher Partnership (Mr M. Clarke)
17.00 2m4f Restricted
1. LICKETY SPLIT Will Hickman (Phil Hall)
2. KNOCKEDOUTLOADED Gina Andrews (Nigel Padfield)
3. WONDERFUL PRESENT Izzie Marshall (Charlotte Marshall)
4. SPIRITOFCHARTWELL Phil York (Phil York)
P. SKIPTOTHEGOODBIT Charlie Marshall (Cynthia Woods)
P. BARRAFOHONA Tabitha Worsley (Georgina Howell)
P. PINSANDNEEDLES Gordon Gallagher (Mrs G. Drury)
P. FRESH’S FEVER Chris Pendry (Catriona Kerruish)
P. BAXXOS Rupert Stearn (Simon Stearn)
U. NEXT SURPRISE Steve Spice (Steve Spice)
U. ROYAL BEEKEEPER Alex Ferguson (James Owen)
F. VERING Shane Roche (Lina Pile)

Distances: 6l, 30l, 2l
Time: 5mins 28s
Winning Owner: Mrs P. Wilkins
  Gallant grey Carryonharry has passed away aged 24.​​

                                                                   The extremely popular Carryonharry has                                                                         passed away at the age of 24. ‘Harry’ was a                                                                      local hero in the South East area in the                                                                             2000’s, winning 20 point-to-points and two                                                                     hunters’ chases for owners Heather Silk and                                                                    Richard Purkis, trainer Emma Leppard, and                                                          jockey Cynthia Woods (nee Haydon).

Harry started his career in the previous millennium, when he was trained by the Champion trainer of the time, Martin Pipe. Harry won four hurdle races, but he proved to be a magnificent jumper when sent over fences, winning five chases and running at the Cheltenham Festival on three occasions.
In a career of 71 races his one jumping mishap came in the 2002 Grand National, where he didn’t take to the big spruce fences and fell at the first.

His form began to tail off in 2004, but it was in 2006, at the veteran age of 12-years-old that he joined Emma and his racing career really took off. He won three point-to-points in the South East that season, which were followed by a narrow success in the Ladies Open Final Hunters’ Chase at Huntingdon, before capping his season off with a facile victory in the Stratford Ladies Hunters’ Chase.
2007 was just as fruitful, with six point-to-point wins sandwiching a trip to the Cheltenham Foxhunters’.
At 14-years-old when most horses have reached retirement age, Harry showed no signs of slowing down and won five more races in 2008.
Incredibly, he went on to win three times as a 15-year-old and three more as a 16-year-old, following which he was retired.
After refusing to remain in his field and enjoy his retirement, Harry was brought back for a final hurrah at Godstone, where Rose Grissell was given the honour of riding the 17-year-old for his final two races.

Harry will be remembered amongst point-to-point fans for his remarkable consistency, whether it was heavy or firm ground, on a flat or undulating course, Harry would always try his best and usually win. He had a particular affinity for Godstone, winning seven races there in total and three of them as a 16-year-old.

“It was an absolute privilege to ride Harry and I will always be grateful to Heather Silk, Richard Purkis & Emma Leppard for giving me the opportunity to be behind those grey ears. Rest in Peace Harry, you took me to places I would have only dreamed of.”
– Cynthia
  1. Nick Pearce Feature
  2. Penshurst 2013
  3. Charing 2014
  4. Penshurst 2016