6th April 2015 Aldington
While Charing have 83 entries, Aldington have nine better with 92, although a large number of them are entered over both days.
The first race is the Open Maiden, which has a huge 22 entries. Boy Of Boru is the highest entered having been placed twice at Godstone this season. His biggest dangers could be Jody Sole's There You Are, who was best of the rest behind Simonsruudt Parham, while Forward Planner and Intercooler Turbo were both placed in Irish point-to-points and both achieved a decent rating of 80. The rest of the field is made up of horses that are also entered in the Charing race.
The Restricted follows and it has almost identical entries to the Restricted at Charing. This race should be between De Clare Man and Simonsruudt, providing neither of them run at Charing two days before.
The Ladies Open features Behind The Scenes and his old rival Little Legend, but with the former looking likely to run at Charing, Cynthia Woods' eleven year old should have a good chance to bounce back to his old form. Jack Bene and No No Bingo could be dangers and will surely capitalise from any errors that Little Legend makes.
The East Kent with West Street Hunt Members race is in the middle of the card and there are eight entries from three different trainers. Chris Lawson's Oscarsfriend won the race last year, but this time he will face Alison Hickman's Thenford Ryde who also won on the card last season in a faster time. Running In Heels is the best of David Phelan's runners, but she won't be suited by soft conditions.
The Mens Open has a huge 18 entries, with Adept Approach heading the field. The rest of the entries include a lot that are also entered at Charing, including Come On You, Gagewell Flyer, Kornati Kid, Lord Multifix, Orfeo Conti and Session Or Ression.
The following Club Members Conditions race has 17 entries, and is almost a copy of the Mens Open card but without Adept Approach. Of those entered Sud Nivernais is probably the most likely to run and connections will be hoping that he can follow up his Penshurst win.
Open Maiden (9 runners)
1. JENNA PRIDE Mr P. Hall 9/2
2. BO OF BORU Mr W. Clarke 5/2F
3. MY BROTHER PAT Mr C. Dennington 7/1
Time: 7mins 8s
Distances: 3l, 4l
Restricted (6 runners)
1. DE CLARE MAN Miss R. Grissell 9/4JF
2. TOMPATPEG Mr C. Marshall 7/1
3. SHANNON SMACKER Mr J. Pearce 3/1
Time: 7mins 23s
Distances: 1l, 2l
Ladies Open (6 runners)
1. THEOPHRASTUS Miss A. Goschen 3/1
2. NO NO BINGO Miss E. Harbour EvensF
3. UKRANIAN STAR Miss T. Worsley 6/1
Time: 7mins 7s
Distances: neck, 15l
Hunt Members (4 runners)
2. THENFORD RYDE Miss F. Hickman 3/1
3. OSCARSFRIEND Mr C. Dennington 7/2
Time: 7mins 30s
Distances: 4l, head
Mens Open (5 runners)
2. QUARRYMOUNT Mr J. Carden 8/1
3. COURSEY ROVER Mr G. Gallagher 10/1
Time: 7mins 30s
Distances: 12l, 1 1/2 fences
Club Members Conditions (6 runners)
1. MR BENNETT Mr P. Bull 3/1
2. RIO NOVO Mr P. York 12/1
3. KAYBEEW Mr S. Wright 12/1
Time: 7mins 8s
Distances: 30l, 35l
Race Reports by Nicola, Stephanie & Martyn Dean
Race 1: The Faversham Joinery Open Maiden Race
Nine runners were declared with Jenna Pride (Philip Hall) and Boy Of Boru (Will Clarke) sent off the joint 2/1 favourites. ThereYou Are (Jody Sole) was priced at 3/1 whilst My Brother Pat (Chris Dennington) and Arcayo (Phil York) were both 5/1. Minmore Grey (Tabitha Worsley) and What About That (CHarlie Marshall) were both priced at 6/1 and Forward Planner (Jacob Allen-Williams) and Indubitably (Harry Teal) were both 10/1.
Arcayo led the runners away form the starter but by fence three Indubitably had moved up to lead from Arcayo, Minmore Grey, Boy Of Boru, Jenna Pride, My Brother Pat,What About That, There You Are and Forward Planner. The nine runners all jumped well throughout their first circuit with Indubitably continuing to lead as the nine runners set out onto their second circuit. Arcayo started to drop back as the runners headed out for their second circuit and was pulled up at the thirteenth where What About That made a mistake and fellreducing the field to seven. Indubitably also started to drop back as There You Are moved into the lead followed by Jenna Pride and Boy Of Boru with My Brother Pat also close behind and chasing the leading group. After the fifteenth fence (second open ditch) the leading quartet pulled away from Minmore Grey, Indubitably and Forward Planner who were all pulled up before the sixteenth fence where Jenna Pride jumped into the lead from There You Are, Boy Of Boru and My Brother Pat. The quartet took seventeenth fence tightly group and all four still had a chance of losing their maiden status at the penultimate fence but racing to the final fence Jenna Pride added another burst of speed and opened up a three length advantage over Boy Of Boru with There You are a further two lengths behind and My Brother Pat another length back.
Jenna Pride took the final fence well and maintained her advantage over her rivals racing to the winning post. Boy Of Boru took second whilst My Brother Pat took third on the run to the winning post with There You are in fourth.
1st Jenna Pride Philip Hall 2/1 (Joint Favourite)
2nd Boy Of Boru Will Clarke 2/1 (Joint Favourite)
3rd My Brother Pat Chris Dennington 5/1
4th There You Are Jody Sole 3/1
Four finished
Distances: 4 lengths and 6 lengths
Time: 7mins 08secs
Race 2: The Hallett & Co Restricted Race
Six runners were declared for the restricted race with De Clare Man (Rose Grissell) the 6/4 favourite. Merrydown Vintage (Phil York) was also popular at 2/1 whilst Shannon Smacker (Joshua Pearce) was priced at 3/1. Third Degree (Will Hickman) and Tompatpeg (Charlie Marshall) were both priced at 7/1 and Pinsandneedles (Gordon Gallagher) was the 10/1 outsider.
Third Degree led the field away from the starter and despite making a mistake at the first continued to lead at fence two from De Clare Man, Shannon Smacker, Merrydown Vintage, Tompatpeg and Pinsandneedles. The six runners completed their first circuit with Third Degree leading by a length from Tompatpeg and De Clare Man with Shannon Smacker and Merrydown Vintage a further length back and Pinsandneedles another five lengths behind. At fence fifteen (second open ditch) Third Degree continued to lead from Merrydown Vintage who had moved into second ahead of De Clare Man and Tompatpeg with Shannon Smacker and Pinsandneedles close behind the leading quartet however racing to fence sixteen Merrydown Vintage dropped back through the field as Tompatpeg and De Clare Man started to challenge Third Degree for the lead. Merrydown Vintage then made a mistake at the seventeenth fence and was pulled up before the eighteenth where De Clare Man and Tompatpeg jumped into the lead as Third Degree also started to drop back. Racing to the final fence De Clare Man opened up a two length advantage but Tompatpeg battled back and the leading pair tok the final fence together but De Clare Man battled back on the run to the winning post to take the victory. Shannon Smacker also finished strongly to challenge for second but Tompatpeg held on whilst Pinsandneedles and Third Degree also finished.
1st De Clare Man Rose Grissell 6/4 (Favourite)
2nd Tompatpeg Charlie Marshall 7/1
3rd Shannon Smacker Joshua Pearce 3/1
4th Pinsandneedles Gordon Gallagher 10/1
Five finished
Distances: 1/2 length and 1 lengths
Time: 7mins 23secs
Race 3: The Holiday Extras Ladies Open Race
Six runners were declared for the ladies open race. Initially No No Bingo (Emily-Jane Harbour) opened as the even money favourite but then drifted to 2/1 as Theophrastus (Rilly Goschen) was backed from 2/1 to 6/4 favourite. Toubougg Welcome (Rose Grissell) was priced at 3/1 and Rather Curious (Hayley Moore) and Ukrainian Star (Tabitha Worsley) were both priced at 6/1 whilst Noble Commander (Alyce Fisher) was the 10/1 outsider.
Noble Commander, Toubougg Welcome and Ukrainian Star led the runners over the first followed by Rather Curious, Theophrastus and No No Bingo. At fence five (first open ditch) Rather Curious moved up to join Noble Commander at the front of the field a length ahead of Ukrainian Star and Toubougg Welcome with No No Bingo and Theophrastus a further two lengths behind. The six runners all continued to jump well over their first circuit but as they passed their starting point with a circuit to race No No Bingo moved up to join Rather Curious at the front followed by Ukrainian Star, Theophrastus, Tobougg Welcome and Noble Commander. By fence fifteen (second open ditch) Rather Curious had dropped back through the field as No No Bingo led by half a length from Ukrainian Star with Theophrastus a further 2 lengths behind in third. Noble Commander was a further length behind the leading trio with Tobougg Welcome another two lengths behind and Rather Curious three lengths off of his rivals. At fence seventeen No No Bingo was joined by Theophrastus and the leading pair started to pull away from their rivals racing to the penultimate fence. No No Bingo and Theophrastus
took the penultimate fence together and continued to battle side by side to the final fence. Theophrastus just had the advantage at the final fence but the pair raced to the winning post side by side with Theophrastus securing victory by a head. Behind the leading pair Ukrainian Star took third ahead of Rather Curious and Toubougg Welcome whilst Nobl Commander also completed for sixth.
1st Theophrastus Rilly Goschen 6/4 (Favourite)
2nd No No Bingo Emily-Jane Harbour 2/1
3rd Ukrainian Star Tabitha Worsley 6/1
4th Rather Curious Hayley Moore 6/1
Six finished
Distances: head and 12 lengths
Time: 7mins 07secs
Race 4 : The F.G.S. Agri Ltd East Kent with West Street Hunts Members , Subscribers and Farmers Race
Running In Heels (Phil York) was sent off the 1/3 favourite in the four runner hunt race. Latin America (Will Hickman) was priced at 2/1 and the other two runners Oscarsfriend (Chris Dennington) and Thenford Ryde (Frankie Hickman) were both priced at 3/1.
The four runners set off at a sedate pace with Thenford Ryde leading from Oscarsfriend, Running In Heels and Latin America. The four runners continued at a steady pace over their first circuit with Thenford Ryde leading by two lengths from Running In Heels until fence six where Latin America moved into second with Running In Heels and Oscarsfriend a further length behind. As the four runners set out onto their second circuit Thenford Ryde increased the pace of the race as the other three runners bunched up behind the leader. Thenford Ryde continued to lead at fence fifteen (second open ditch) but turning to race back down to the winning post with four fences to jump Running In Heels gained the lead and opened up a three length advantage over Thenford Ryde and
Oscarsfriend whilst Latin America started to drop back and lose ground on his rivals. Oscarsfriend tried to close on the leader and was starting to make some headway but made a mistake at fence seventeen which allowed Thenford Ryde to regain second spot. Running In Heels took the penultimate fence with a three lengtn advantage over Thenford Ryde and Oscarsfriend and having cleared the final fence raced to the winning post. Oscarsfriend and Thenford Ryde battled for second with Thenford Ryde just getting the advantage at the winning post whilst Latin America also completed for fourth.
1st Running In Heels Phil York 1/3 (Favourite)
2nd Thenford Ryde Frankie Hickman 3/1
3rd Oscarsfriend Chris Dennington 3/1
4th Latin America Will Hickman 2/1
Four finished
Distances: 4 lengths and a head
Time: 7mins 30secs
Race 5 : The Shepherd Neame Men's Open Race
Five runners were declared with Adept Approach (Philip Hall) the 1/2 favourite. Stonemadforspeed (Harry Teal) was next in the betting at 5/2 whilst Gagewell Flyer (Rex Dingle) was priced at 7/2. Quarrymount (Joe Carden) was priced at 7/1 and Coursey Rover (Gordon Gallagher) was the 10/1 outsider.
Quarrymount led the runners over the first ahead of Gagewell Flyer, Adept Approach, Coursey Rover and Stonemadforspeed. Quarrymount continued to lead at fence six (first open ditch) ahead of Adept Approach whilst Stonemadforspeed made up ground to sit behind the leading pair with Gagewell Flyer whilst Coursey Rover was a further three lengths behind. As the five runners set out onto their second circuit Quarrymount had a length advantage over Adept approach and Gagewell Flyer with Stonemadforspeed a further two lengths behind in fourth and Coursey Rover a further five lengths back. At fence fifteen (second open ditch) Quarrymount continued to lead from Adept Approach whilst Gagewell Flyer pulled up reducing the field to four. Stonemadfor speed was pulled up after the sixteenth fence as Adept Approach moved up to join Quarrymount with Coursey Rover continuing but a long way behind the leading pair. Adept Approach was asked in increase the pace racing to the seventeenth fence and opened up a four length advantage over Quarrymount which had extended to eight lengths at the penultimate fence. Adept Approach made a mistake at the final fence and despite losing a little momentum had a significant advantage over Quarrymount and raced to the winning post clear of his rivals. Quarrymount jumped the final fence without problem to take second whilst Coursey Rover also completed for third.
1st Adept Approach Philip Hall 1/2 (Favourite)
2nd Quarrymount Joe Carden 7/1
3rd Coursey Rover Gordon Gallagher 10/1
Three finished
Distances: 15 lengths and a distance
Time: 7mins 11secs
Race 6 : The Evegate PPORA Club Members Race
Broughton Green (Philip Hall) was sent off the even money favourite in the six runner club members race. Joe The Rogue (Rex Dingle) and Mr Bennett (Peter Bull) were next in the betting at 3/1 whilst Lord Multifix (Charlie Marshall) was 4/1. Rio Novo (Phil York) and Kaybeew (Stewart Wright) were the outsiders, both priced at 12/1.
Joe The Rogue led the six runners from the starter followed by Broughton Green, Lord Multifix, Rio Novo, Kaybeew and Mr Bennett. Lord Multifix made a mistake at fence three and four and dropped back through the field as Joe The Rogue continued to lead from Broughton Green, Rio Novo, Mr Bennett, Kaybeew and Lord Multifix. With a circuit left to race Joe The Rogue had a six length advantage over Broughton Green with Mr Bennett and Rio Novo a further two lengths behind, Kaybeew a further length back and Lord Multifix another three lengths behind. As he runners took their eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth fences Broughton Green and Mr Bennett started to close in on the leader. At fence fourteen Broughton Green and Mr Bennett joined the leader who was quickly dropped back leaving Broughton Green and Mr Bennett to lead. Lord Multifix was pulled up before the fifteenth having become detatched and Joe The Rogue was pulled up before the sixteenth also having dropped back as the leading pair increased the pace again. Broughton Green and Mr Bennett led by three lengths over Rio Novo at the sixteenth fence whilst Kaybeew was also continuing but a long way behind his rivals. Broughton Green and Mr Bennett continued to battle side by side over the seventeenth and eighteenth fences clear of Rio Novo and Kaybeew and raced to the final fence still locked together. The pair took the fence side by side but Broughton Green hit the top of the fence and landed unbalanced sending Philip Hall out of the saddle and onto the ground, leaving Mr Bennett clear to race to victory. Rio Novo completed for second with Kaybeew also completing for third.
1st Mr Bennett Peter Bull 3/1
2nd Rio Novo Phil York 12/1
3rd Kaybeew Stewart Wright 12/1
Three finished
Distances: a distance and a distance
Time: 7mins 08secs
Two years since claiming the scalp of the mighty Freddies Return, Adept Approach returned to the course to easily take the Mens Open for his trainer Phil Hall. The nine year old hadn’t won since Fontwell in 2013, with a host of problems holding him back for past 12 months. His jumping was a bit ragged, highlighted by a terrible blunder at the last, but he still easily had the measure of Quarrymount who chased him home in second.
Hall was chalking up a double, having already steered Jenna Pride home in the opening Open Maiden race. The progressive Nick Pearce trained six year old was running for the second time this weekend, having unseated Phil York at the eighth fence at Charing, but she showed no ill effects and ran out an easy winner, confirming previous form with runner-up Boy Of Boru.
Rose Grissell sent out a double as a trainer on Saturday and this time she rode herself, steering De Clare Man to victory for the second time this season. The six year old won his maiden impressively at the first Godstone, giving the impression that a Restricted win was well within his compass. Tompatpeg chased him home, having already finished second to Conna Cloud at Charing two days previously.
David Phelan did send out a winner, as Running In Heels justified her short price in the Hunt Members race, easily holding off Thenford Ryde and Oscarsfriend. Phil York did the steering, carefully picking the best ground on the six year old mare and won comfortably by four lengths.
Little Legend didn’t turn up for the Ladies Open, so No No Bingo was sent off the evens favourite for Emily Harbour. The pair had to settle for second however, as the famous Rilly Goschen took the race on the Jody Sole trained Theophrastus. The thirteen year old winner was showing a step up in form having being beaten in a Hunt Race on his previous run, as well finishing well down the field in both Military races at Sandown.
The concluding Club Members Conditions race went to Mr Bennett and Pete Bull, fresh back from a skiing holiday. The pair were just about getting the better of Broughton Green, when he fell at the last and left them in front to record a comfortable win over Rio Novo.