How to get involved as... An Owner

Owners of point-to-pointers are the backbone of the sport and without them it would not exist. If you think ownership may be for you but you're unsure how to get involved, this guide should help point you in the right direction...
1. Check your finances
Unfortunately owning a point-to-pointer is not cheap and you should only go into it if you are confident you have enough exposable income. A standard point-to-pointer can cost anywhere between £600 to £3000, but a lot of people will pay a lot more in the hope or expectation of obtaining a very good horse. After that initial outlay there are training fees to include, which depending on the trainer these can vary from £150 to £250 a week. On top of that there are additional costs including: farrier & vet bills, hunter certificate fees, entry fees and fuel costs. It all adds up.
2. Decide to start a syndicate, join a club or go it alone.
If you don't feel you can afford to be a sole owner then it is possible to set up a syndicate consisting of friends and/or family, this way you can split the costs between you as well as having others to share the experience with. 
If you are unable to start a syndicate then there are one or two racing clubs that are available to join for a much reduced weekly fee or a fixed sum. Racing clubs provide all the perks of being an owner while removing a large chunk of the risk as you won't be the one paying vet bills should the horse get injured. 
3. Approach a trainer
Once you have decided to get involved the next step is to approach a trainer. The majority of trainers train one or two horses for themselves or friends, but there are a few larger yards that cater to many owners. The biggest yards in the South East are Rose Grissell, Nick Pearce and David Phelan, while smaller yards such as Hannah Jones are always keen to expand. Trainers all charge variable fees and the larger yards are understandably more expensive as they have staff to pay. Once you have chosen and approached the trainer, they will be able to help you go about sourcing a suitable horse that is within your budget. Once the horse is purchased the trainer will take control of its training, leaving you to reap the rewards of seeing your colours carried by your horse.